‘Module 47’ Wins Best Film at Chicago 48

‘Module 47’ Wins Best Film at Chicago 48

‘Module 47’ Wins Best Film at Chicago 48

One of the big winners at the recently completed Chicago 48 Hour Film Project was Back 40 Productions, makers of "Module 47."

The team was led by Mitch Apley, manager of Integrated Production, A/V at AbelsonTaylor, and consisted of several people from the agency and partners from the Chicago production community like ARU and Potenza Productions. The name is a reference to the agriculture, where the "back 40" acres of land is where a farmer would experiment.

"The team was a mix of AbelsonTaylor employees and industry partners and production friends," Apley says. "It was really great working with everyone, particularly my coworkers at the agency. They're an an exceptionally talented group of people and I'm lucky to work with them."

This year, the line of dialogue for the festival was "That's one way of doing it", the name of the character to use was Charles or Charlotte Greenwich and the object was a stapler.

"We were hoping that we'd draw 'Horror'," Apley says. "Instead we pulled 'Suspense/Thriller.' So we made a movie about a guy that's stuck at work, he can't leave and he starts seeing photos of himself posted or stapled around the building. The tension builds as he tries to find his way out and he sees more and more alarming photos of himself."

The entire production was shot at the AbelsonTaylor office in Chicago.

"They were kind enough to give us access and let us use their facilities as much as we wanted to over the weekend," Apley says. "We're very thankful to them."

They've also entered the production into the Midwest Independent Film Festival's Advertising Community Shorts Night and plan to enter other facilities as well - perhaps they'll even see it at Filmapalooza. The top films from the nation-wide festival are screened at Cannes.

Here in Chicago, the film won for Best Film, Best Cinematography and Best Editorial and was runner up for Best Actor, Best Sound and Best Directing.

Apley had praise for the film's actors, Chris Agos, Mary Kay Cook, William Boehler, Susie Gutowski, T. Cameron Carter, Regina Calvin, Jim Olguin, Dontaye Williams along with thanks for Joey Domaracki who lent the team a lighting kit for the production. . Joel Benjamin of Electric Beard came through on some visual effects work. He also wanted to thank Abelson Taylor for all their support.

"This agency is very supportive of these kinds of extra-curricular activities," Apley says. "If I was really into kickball they would sponsor a kickball team."

Wyatt: Chris Agos
Charlotte Greenwich: Mary Kay Cook
Trainee: William Boehler
Headphone Co-worker: Susie Gutowski
Co-worker: T. Cameron Carter
Co-worker: Regina Calvin
Wyatt’s Friend: Jim Olguin
Security Guard: Dontaye Williams
Director: Mitch E. Apley
Story By: Greg Loudon
Writer: Joshua Shehab
Art Director: Chris Belford
Art Director/Music: Rick Conrad
Producer: Jill Hogan
Production Manager: Kathy Kraft
Post Production Supervisor/Music: Travis Chandler
Location Scout/Associate Producer: Justin Mroz
Director of Photography/Editor: Joel Witmer
Gaffer: Scott Pillsbury
Editor/Graphic Design: Kirk Perry
Visual Effects: Joel Benjamin
Recordist/Sound Designer: Tom Haigh
Boom Operator/Foley Artist: Sean Graves
BTS Camera Operator: Christen Nehmer
Production Assistant: Kevin Perry
Special Thanks:
Abelson Taylor
ARU Chicago
Potenza Productions
Joey Domaracki
48 Hour Film Project