South By Leo Burnett: Agency Unveils #SXLB PERSPECTIVES To Outline Trends From SXSWi

South By Leo Burnett: Agency Unveils #SXLB PERSPECTIVES To Outline Trends From SXSWi

Leo Burnett released a new site “South By Leo Burnett Perspectives” Apr. 12, an interactive report telling the story of South By Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) through the lens of the advertising agency. Within the report, Leo Burnett outlines four key trends poised to shape the future of advertising.

In March, Leo Burnett conducted on-site video interviews in a series, “South By Leo Burnett” (#SXLB). #SXLB provided an intimate look into the minds of the most sought after SXSWi keynote speakers, most buzzed about start-ups, brilliantly opinionated press and future media tycoons. Organizations the agency interviewed included Alltop, Boxee, Esurance, Glancee, Google, Funny or Die, Mashable, Meeps, Pandora, Shazam, Sonar, Spotify and USA Today.

Fifty interviews in five days generated more than 30 hours of rich content from the world’s foremost digital leaders and industry insiders. Below are four top-of-mind insights they noted, according to yesterday’s release.

  1. Betting on Data and Location: No, there wasn’t a Twitter or Foursquare breakout startup among the mix of new players in 2012. But the most hyped ‘next big things’ all seemed to have similar purposes in mind: Merging the online and offline worlds. Sonar, Glancee and Highlight, the three top startups on Radian6’s 2012 Twitter buzz list, each take insights from information posted to social networks and fuse them with location data to uncover hidden connections in real environments – whether that’s in an early-morning NoSQL seminar or at a late night 6th Street bar.

  2. Rising ‘Middle Class of Content’:It’s not “Mad Men” but it’s also not that clip of a piano-playing cat your aunt forwarded. It’s not Radiohead, though it’s certainly not your uncle’s after-work garage band’s performance last weekend.

It’s an emerging ‘middle class’ of content providers that caught our ear in Austin this year, and an influential cast of new media tech players that are staking a claim. While TV set-top device Boxee is urging all to ‘cut the cord’ and subscribe to a new delivery model, providers like Funny or Die are dedicated to keeping the cost of production and marketing low in order to deliver a quality product.

Meanwhile, players like Pandora are working to perfect algorithm-based music personalization models that provide the serendipity of discovery, bringing users’ attention to a range of unlabeled artists that are precisely suited to their tastes.

  1. Actualizing Social Good: “Doing good is good for business.” That’s been a recurring theme, though we heard many more talking about social good this year. One of the major emphases in 2012 is gaming. Applying game mechanics to change behavior and habits for the better – whether that’s in the realm of health care or environmental responsibility.

Many of Leo Burnett delegates came away enthusiastic about the possibility of changing the world for the better. Social good isn’t just good for business – it’s hip.

  1. Moving Toward Storytelling 2.0:While the concept of ‘transmedia’ has circulated for years, until now it’s been largely relegated to the worlds of alternate reality gaming and ivory tower pontification. No longer. As platforms and channels – both on and offline – continue to proliferate, agencies and marketers are being required to rethink their delivery system for messages.

Storytelling remains as essential as ever, but taking narratives to a higher participatory level will be tantamount. Brands should think in terms of a broader content strategy and create an ecosystem that tells its story across channels in a natural, cohesive way.

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