Therapy Breaks Ground with Live ‘Transcendent Man’ Event

Therapy Breaks Ground with Live ‘Transcendent Man’ Event

Los Angeles-based Therapy with Ptolemaic Productions and NCM Fathom, will be broadcasting “Transcendent Man Live: A Conversation About the Future” live from Lincoln Center to over 500 theaters nationwide on Wednesday, August 3 at 8:00p.m. EST. The first-of-its-kind event will allow people across the country to participate in a powerful discussion about the possibility of immortality becoming reality by 2045, as well as other implications of accelerating technologies. Therapy Studios and Ptolemaic Productions produced the enormously popular doc. Therapy edited the film, handled the design, animation, and post-production as well.

The integrative alternative distribution methods which have made “Transcendent Man” wildly successful include digital launches with iTunes, Amazon instant video, Movies-On-Demand, online rental from the film's website and official Facebook page, an iPhone/iPad app, and now the cinema-cast event. This social media-centric culminating event will feature fans submitting questions via Twitter and Facebook to be answered by the live panel on August 3rd.

A brief presentation by inventor and futurist, Ray Kurzweil kicks off the event, followed by a provocative panel discussion, which will incorporate clips from the critically acclaimed documentary “Transcendent Man”. Panelists include Kurzweil, Barry Ptolemy, filmmaker; Deepak Chopra (Live via Teleportec), philosopher; Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, Inc.; Michio Kaku, physicist; Tan Le, technology entrepreneur; and Dean Kamen, inventor. Pre-recorded remarks from former Vice President Al Gore, Suzanne Somers, Quincy Jones, Bill Maher, Elon Musk and others will also be included during the event.

Therapy founders Joe DiSanto, John Ramsay, Doobie White and Wren Waters served as Executive Producers on the film and, along with Ptolemaic and William Morris Endeavor, have carefully created a strategy to usher the film through the ever-changing model of alternative film distribution.

Notes Therapy partner Joe DiSanto, “When the film was first released at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2009, traditional distribution was in chaos, largely due to the financial crisis. This was a big turning point in film distribution. At first we were disappointed, but it forced us to focus on taking advantage of all the new opportunities out there. Eventually we hooked up with WME, and together we started to really capitalize all the ways you can penetrate the market without a traditional all-rights distributor. Ultimately this approach worked out very well for the film, and it is now serving as a successful case study for modern day film distribution.”

The live cinema event of “Transcendent Man” will feature discussion by many of the topics presented in the film including longevity, reverse aging, accelerating technologies, merging with machines, augmenting human intelligence, and the philosophical implications of these accelerating technologies.